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Going for a song

Our drummer John Muxlow
John Muxlow—and drum

With John Muxlow back on drums the Terry Giles Sextet was once again fielding its regular line-up for the second gig of the year at Eastbourne’s Cavendish Hotel. As usual the band’s repertoire ranged from numbers dating from the First World War to far more modern tunes. The opening number was Fly me to the moon, which was written in 1954 and was first made famous by Frank Sinatra.

The sextet then celebrated the return of its regular drummer by allowing him to pay an extended solo introduction to Bei Mir Bist du Shon. People often think this is a German song, but it was actually written for a short-lived Yiddish musical. After the show folded the composer Sholom Secunda sold the song for $30—sharing the proceeds with the lyricist. He then watched in mortification as the song—kitted out with new English lyrics—became a massive hit for the Andrews Sisters.